Results for: Auburndale Park BYOM March 26 - April 3, 2022

Results on White
1The fast and cory 0s
2Jason 6m:51s
3Dashiell Martin 7m:15s
4Alex Wang 8m:07s
5Tim Abramkin - 1 15m:26s
6Isla Finlayson-Johnecheck 15m:55s
7Troop 160 18m:57s
8Sari Kerr 20m:07s
9160 - 6 20m:42s
10C Lu - 0 22m:06s
11Aaron 23m:16s
12Nolan Buttermore - 2 25m:35s
13Sable Weisman 32m:17s
14Marc Tanner - 1 33m:29s
15Maggie Benthall 34m:56s
16Purnima - 2 39m:45s
17Registration missingDNF
18Joanne - Monaghan DNF

Results on Yellow
1Jason 11m:37s
2Katie Pohlig 15m:43s
3Lukas and Isla 15m:50s
4Bonnie pohlig - Katie 16m:05s
5Jason DeJoannis 16m:32s
6Jake white 25m:03s
7Ryan 27m:37s
8Joyce O’Connell 27m:40s
9Ann Miller 32m:45s
10Tom Brown - 1 39m:34s
11Joshua L - 1 41m:03s
12Makiba white 42m:00s
13Christopher Shannon 43m:12s
14Robert Morse 52m:11s
15Olive and Cyrus - 3DNF
16Jason DeJoannisDNF
17Tatiana koudinovaDNF

Results on Sprint1
1Jason 15m:59s
2Magnus Bjorkman 17m:29s
3Gerben Scherpbier 18m:47s
4Maria Bloom 19m:32s
5Alex Wang 19m:36s
6Aims Coney 23m:15s
7Jim Paschetto 23m:31s
8Yana Galukhina 24m:27s
9Wendy Johnecheck 26m:30s
10Sari Kerr 36m:20s
11Dylan - 3 45m:42s
12Paul bourget 46m:00s
13Jake whiteDNF
14Makiba whiteDNF

Results on Sprint2
1Jason (retry) 19m:19s
2Dashiell Martin 21m:28s
3Jason DeJoannis 22m:59s
4Magnus Bjorkman 23m:31s
5Yana Galukhina 24m:07s
6Katie Pohlig 28m:52s
7Sari Kerr 34m:43s
8K. Mikulis 37m:00s
9Chris Noon 38m:35s
10Jim Crawford 42m:15s
11Peter Amram 42m:26s
12Bonnie pohlig - Ellie 44m:05s
13Richard Shapiro 50m:00s
14Jeanne Hummel - 1 59m:10s
15Mark Hummel 59m:18s

Results on Sprint3
1Ian Finlayson 23m:34s
2Garrett Dash Nelson 24m:03s
3Gerben Scherpbier 25m:59s
4Dashiell Martin 26m:23s
5Clinton Morse 27m:42s
6Alex Vai 29m:27s
7Magnus Bjorkman 29m:47s
8Nate Buttermore 30m:29s
9Alex Wang 31m:29s
10Liz Buttermore 32m:02s
11Jim Paschetto 37m:41s
12Pelle Wahlstrom 40m:00s
13Jason 40m:28s
14Alexandra Makarova 42m:45s
15Chris Noon 46m:25s
16Steve Feldman 55m:00s
17Steve Feldman 55m:00s
18Dorina Nimigean 57m:28s
19Sam Altenberger 1h:04m:52s
20Jeanne Hummel - 1 1h:08m:15s
21Mark Hummel 1h:08m:24s
22Vladimir turzhitsky - 1 1h:12m:37s
23Mike springer DNF
24Orly Mishan - 1DNF

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