Boojum Rock, Stoneham, MA
October 13, 2019
Meet Directory: Tobias Karlsson

This Sunday was a beautiful day for orienteering. All the fall colors were represented and the temperature just perfect for a day in the park. The two days leading up to it, and the days I spent placing the advanced and Orange course controls, were quite wet, but I'm happy to pay that price if it means that the day of the event is lovely.

We had a good group of people attending, but it was a little bit thin on the beginner courses given that it was a beautiful day. Maybe by this time in the season everybody has advanced to higher course levels. Although Boojum Rock is a bit far from urban Boston, it was encouraging to see some attendees arrive via a combination of the T, bicycles and skateboard!

The course-setting was a little bit last-minute this time around due to some confusion with the permit, but even so in the end I was fairly happy with the outcome. The feedback was generally good with the occasional comment about the sometimes somewhat concealed control locations. The vegetation was generally reasonably pleasant but with frequent un-mapped patches of briers. The map is unfortunately of little help with the thickness of the terrain. Instead it is usually a good idea to avoid low areas.

The advanced courses all started and ended with the same string of controls, with extra controls in the middle to create the longer courses. This has the advantage that the longer course maps can be used for the shorter courses, and thus we can print fewer of the short course maps. The obvious drawback is that it can get a bit crowded in the shared sections.

I had a great team of volunteers that made the event run smoothly. Pelle Wåhlström helped with transporting material to and from the event which was of great help since my car can not fit all of it. Jim Crawford brought and ran the computer station with help from Bridget Hall, Andy Hall, and Andy McIlvaine. At the registration we had Kristin Hall, Andy Hall, Bridget Hall, Pia Webb, Andy McIlvaine, and I'm sure there were others (please let me know). For control pickup I also had a great team: Pelle Wåhlström, David Quinn, Jonas, Anna, Harold, & Tim Martner, Pia Webb, Marianne Ray and Ian Finlayson. Sam Gruetter help with folding and sorting the controls. Finally, thank you Pia and Kelly for being great diplomats. Thanks again to all of you!

Split times are here (courtesy of WinSplits). For the raw splits file, click menu Results>Raw Splits Files.


White 2.6k    
  Name Club Time
1 Tor Webb CSU 42:33
2 Wendy & Carol & Isla NEOC 77:44
3 Desjardins   115:28
4 David+Sheelagh Kelly NEOC 118:12
  Nathaniel Prie   DNF
Yellow 2.6k                                      
  Name Club Time
1 Sierra Springer NEOC 50:20
2 Pasqualin   65:18
3 Catherine MacIsaal   68:22
4 David & Heather NEOC 115:17
  John Bottoms NEOC DNF
  Paul Hennessey + 5   DNF
  Daphne Martin NEOC DNF
  Rick Keilty   DNF
Tan 2.2k                                            
  Name Club Time
1 Cian O'Toole CRLS 46:33
2 Priya Landrigan CRLS 47:08
3 Florence Topia CRLS 51:55
4 Dashiell Mazzotta CRLS 52:07
5 Nat Brooks NEOC 56:11
6 Kathleen Walsh   109:37
7 John Mitchell NEOC 153:30
  Paul Yannetti   DNF
Brown 3.3k                                       
  Name Club Time
1 Pia Webb CSU 61:31
2 Harold Martner NEOC 62:06
3 Haley Hunter-Zincle   71:59
4 Katia Bertoldi NEOC 76:16
5 Wendy Johnecheck NEOC 77:34
6 Ben Martell   86:39
7 Roger Underwood NEOC 93:05
8 Jaime Bernal NEOC 96:03
9 Jose Luis Bernal NEOC 96:08
10 Trisha Underwood NEOC 96:13
11 James MacVarkle   104:20
12 John Kernochan NEOC 111:17
13 Samuel Gruetter NEOC 116:44
14 Suzanne Robinson NEOC 118:56
15 Boyd Potts & Gail DeRuzzo NEOC 120:35
16 Sylvie Guichard NEOC 128:53
17 Donald Hall   137:09
18 Jiawen Sun NEOC 184:15
19 Manherg Wang NEOC 184:18
  Mark Webb CSU DNF
Orange 2.7k                                      
  Name Club Time
1 Marianne Ray NEOC 39:28
2 Bryan Stephan UNO 46:12
3 Dashiell Martin NEOC 50:29
4 Anaka Landrigan NEOC 64:30
5 John Kernochan NEOC 71:51
6 Kathleen MacVarkle   73:47
7 Evan Moore CRLS 79:13
8 Sam Greene   79:18
9 Lukas Webb CSU 84:14
10 Lucy O'Toole CRLS 88:14
11 Teresa Broering NEOC 128:00
12 Max Eringros   169:57
  Richard Shapiro NEOC DNF
  Ellie Lin   DNF
  Sean Deardorff   DNF
  Conor Latimer-Ireland CRLS DNF
  Scott Meeks NEOC DNF
Green 4.7k                                        
  Name Club Time
1 Giovanni Berlanda CSU 62:38
2 Kristin Hall NEOC 68:18
3 Kelly Guarino NEOC 97:41
4 Brian Razhlan NEOC 104:37
5 Nick Townley NEOC 111:21
6 Nancy Duprey UNO 114:30
7 Phil Bricker NEOC 115:35
8 Bill Binette NEOC 116:46
9 Andy McIlvane NEOC 122:10
10 Jim Crawford NEOC 155:52
11 Chris Noon NEOC 163:42
12 Ellen Blockdon NEOC 177:38
  Sam Levitin NEOC DNF
  Gabe Bronk NEOC DNF
  Jakob Haldorsen NEOC DNF
Red 6.1k                                            
  Name Club Time
1 Jonas Martner NEOC 55:56
2 Ethan Childs GMOC 63:39
3 Tim Martner NEOC 70:04
4 Ian Finlayson NEOC 78:15
5 Anna Martner NEOC 81:35
6 Alar Ruutopold UNO 98:55
7 Neil Martin NEOC 99:58
8 Justin Wiley NEOC 111:00
9 Aaron Aaker NEOC 111:08
10 Michael Springer NEOC 118:52
11 Xavier Fradera NEOC 131:47
12 Pelle Wåhlström NEOC 158:02
13 David Quinn NEOC 193:06