Menotomy Rocks, Arlington, MA
May 30, 2011
Meet Director: Barb Bryant

About 70 people came out to orienteer today. Seventeen brave souls tried out the Capture the Flags game. Alex Shaffer, orienteering for the second time ever, had a blazing fast time on the white course: 4 minutes and 20 seconds. There were several folks new to orienteering. We advertised on the Arlington parents' email list and on the Friends of Menotomy Park website, as well as on Cambridge's Graham and Parks school parent email list. We had some new Graham and Parks families, which was great!

Thanks to Jim Paschetto for helping to set up, running the Finish, cleaning up, handling the financial reporting, and managing the electronic punch equipment. Thanks to all the meet helpers: Bill Bryant, Isabel Bryant, Becca Shaffer, Alex Shaffer, David Bryant, Richard Shapiro, Leah Williams, Bill Binette, Kristin Hall, Andy McIlvaine and Dave Yee. You were a pleasure to work with!

Capture The Flag course

The special event of the day was an orienteering version of Capture the Flag, in which 17 people took part, with ages ranging from below 10 to above 40. Teams had to retrieve 5 flags from enemy territory without being tagged. If you did get tagged, you had to return the flag (if you were carrying it) to its starting location, and go to jail until one of your teammates came to rescue you. The territories and the flags and the jails were pre-marked on the map. Teams had 10 minutes to discuss strategy before the start of the game. To win, a team had to collect all the flags and gather with all their teammates at the start. Team #1 got all their flags first, but had trouble collecting their team members, and team #2 ended up winning. Total time for the game, once it started, was about 40 minutes.

Elizabeth and Alex

We had been struggling to attract juniors to our junior training events, so this time we focused on making it fun, playing in teams, and opening it up to all ages. I loved seeing kids, who hadn't known each other 10 minutes before, conferring about strategy with each other over a map.

Keegan and Ethan

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Split times are available here (courtesy of Winsplits).

Photos from the day are in the Galleries.

White 1.0k
  Name Club Time
1 Alex Shaffer   4:20
2 Ethan Hall   4:54
3 David Bryant   6:50
4 Gil Shapiro   7:00
5 Linc Berkley   7:12
6 Liat & Naomi Shapiro   7:18
7 Richard Shapiro NEOC 8:35
8 Lillian Hallahan Goobers   11:48
9 Susan Lubar & Team   12:01
10 Marie Berkley   12:34
11 Erin Dwyer   12:54
12 Paul & Ethan   15:09
13 Bridget and Edith   15:33
14 Dan Griffith & Megan Striplin   19:55
15 Drew Highland, John & Brennan   21:17
16 Mika and Jarmro   21:30
17 Debby Mendel, Henery Wolfman   21:47
18 Virginia Lynch NEOC 28:24
Yellow 2.2k

Name Club Time
1 Bill Pullman NEOC 14:59
2 Pia Webb CSU 15:12
3 Ethan Hall   22:34
4 Mark Webb CSU 23:57
5 William Bryant NEOC 25:08
6 Bill Binette NEOC 26:23
7 Dan Griffith, Megan Striplin   32:39
8 Erin Dwyer   35:51
9 Robert Cowherd   39:43
10 Kin Ducharme   45:42
11 Marcie Berkley   49:58
12 Ros Pullman   53:54
13 John Cannisto, Brennan, Drew H   58:26
14 Jeff, rebecca and Ella   60:13
15 Gil Shapiro   66:12
16 Phoebe Hallahan & Eliza Brush   67:39
17 Izhar Sharon   84:06
18 Patricia Allan Doyle & Joseph NEOC 87:40

Linc Berkley   DNF

Liat & Naomi Shapiro   DNF
Orange 2.4k

Name Club Time
1 Bill Pullman NEOC 16:21
2 Tim Parson NEOC 18:28
3 Mika Latua-Kelko NEOC 19:01
4 Pia Webb CSU 20:40
5 David Yee   23:34
6 Jim Paschetto NEOC 24:23
7 Andy McIlvaine NEOC 26:08
8 Kelly Guarino   31:13
9 Mark Webb CSU 32:32
10 Michael Dwyer   35:26
11 Bill Binette NEOC 36:12
12 Chris Noon   36:43
13 Daphne Gould   42:15
14 Bill Bryant   45:31
15 Roland & Theodore Quellette   45:36
16 Richard Sharpiro   49:27
17 Nat Brooks NEOC 55:25
18 Brian, Leah Williams   59:41 (estimated Finish punch)
19 Isaac Shapiro   60:42
20 Hop Holmberg NEOC 66:39
21 Liz Brooks   80:22
22 Pete Beckwith   104:44
23 Tom Jones   110:38

Ben Gallup   MP
  Meg Parson NEOC MP