Gay City State Park, Hebron, CT
CT Trails Day
June 5, 2011
Meet Directors: Jeff Cohen, Bill Cox, & Paul Pearson


Number of participants: 98

The crew for this event included Jeff Cohen and scouts from Troop 28 who are working on their orienteering merit badge. They assisted in hanging orange course controls on Saturday, white course controls on Sunday and manning the start and finish.

This event was advertised along with over 190 other hikes in the Connecticut Trails Day brochure. It was also listed on the No Child Left Inside website as one of the options for "Family Hiking Day."

It was the perfect day for orienteering. Many families came out to paticipate in the event and enjoy time in the woods. Kudos to Bill who started his day orienteering at Nobscot, then drove to Gay City to do the brown course, all before 1 PM !

Helpers: Bill Cox, Howie Breinan, Winston Averill, Sue Pearson, several scouts from troop 28

Course designer(s): Kevin Burnham, Paul Pearson

Course setter(s): Jeff Cohen

Meet Director(s): Jeff Cohen, Bill Cox, Paul Pearson



White 1.9 KM 10 controls
Jesus Alvarado Troop 1440 39
Kyle Foular Troop 1440 39
Dylan Foular Troop 1440 39
Richard Pfau Troop 1440 39
Victor Alvarado Troop 1440 39
David Goldfarb   67
Richard Marzi   37
Stephen Belmore & Jen Blass   41
Bonofiglio family   44
Phylls Rulewicz & Chris Kozlowski   46
Kendra-Westcott family   49
The Hikers   50
Trevor Pasquale Troop 28 50
Cub Scout den 1 Pack 58 51
Sawyer & Co.   54
Jakel / Kavarnos   55
Maniscalco / Lesser   57
Maddie G   64
Michael   66
Zach Russ Troop 33 67
Sam Bogue Troop 28 67
Petraitis   88
Winston & George Troop 28 99
Yellow 2.6 KM 9 controls
Kerri Moore WCOC 74
Sam Bogue Troop 28 94
Keith Hellstrom   94
Judi Manfre & Tammie Repass   102
Krisst & Smith   109
Greg Lowrey   113
Richard Marzi   166
James Potticary Troop 28 dnf
Kendra-Westcott family   dnf
Joshua   dnf
Orange 4.3 KM 9 controls
Virginia deLima NEOC 121
Kerri Moore WCOC dnf
Jim Donady & Sandy Becker NEOC 144
Bob & Carol Hewey NEOC dnf
Ben Moore WCOC 40
Kevin Burnham NEOC 76
Bill Binette NEOC 98
Clinton Morse NEOC/WCOC 44
Jonathan Housum NEOC dnf
Moore WCOC 70
Bill & Dave Duncan NEOC / WCOC 106