Mt. Tom Reservation, Holyoke, MA
June 11, 2011
Meet Director: Ian Smith

Despite a torrential downpour all over western Massachusetts and Connecticut and in the morning, a doughty group of about 35 orienteers made it to Amherst for the Mt. Tom races. The courses were challenging given the climb and hilliness of Mt. Tom and the wet conditions. The event offered the six standard courses after a 9.3 km blue course was abandoned by the course setter during the morning control setting. Once the rain abated at about 11:00 AM, the running conditions and visibility improved considerably. This was my first event at Mt. Tom, and I greatly appreciated the quality of the map and terrain. In my zeal, I made the orange course more difficult than it should have been, for which I apologize.

As I did not have room for a tent in my car, I ran the meet from the shelter of an umbrella and kept the most sensitive papers - like the maps - in my car. I am very grateful for help from Barbara Lamay, Kim Weeber, and Lori Eldridge, who contacted me in May to express interest in volunteering at the event; without their assistance, it would have been very difficult to run the event. Thanks to Ross Smith, Peter Gagarin, Ken Walker Sr, and Ed Despard for their help picking up the controls.


White – 2.0k

Name Club Time
1 Linc Berkley NEOC 23:14
2 Marcie Berkley NEOC 26:48
3 Amy Jacobson
4 Kim Weeber
5 Lori Eldridge

Mori and Susie Finlayson NEOC DNF

Yellow – 2.5k
1 Linc Berkley NEOC 29:20
2 Marcie Berkley NEOC 37:18

Orange – 4.1k
1 George Walker WCOC 51:28
2 George Seifert LIOC 2:32:16

Elaine Dill NEOC DNF

Barbara Lamay

Tom Jones

Brown – 3.6k
1 George Walker WCOC 1:02:58
2 John Eric Nelson WCOC 1:08:49

Green – 4.7k
1 Steve Richardson WCOC 1:05:10
2 Mike Cooper
3 Wendy Johnecheck NEOC 1:18:21
4 Jim Henderson WCOC 1:23:07
5 Richard Nietupski WCOC 1:43:01
6 Michael Tollefson NEOC 1:53:37

John Eric Nelson WCOC DNF

Bill Duncan NEOC DNF

Jonathan Housum NEOC DNF

Red – 7.3k
1 Ross Smith CSU 59:24
2 Ian Finlayson NEOC 1:15:36
3 Peter Gagarin NEOC 1:17:51
4 James Tasker UNO 1:30:12
5 Jessica Rykken NEOC 2:23:24
6 Ken Walker CSU 2:28:09
7 Phil Bricker NEOC 2:32:33
8 Eric Benson CSU/NEOC 2:59:34

Ed Despard CSU DNF