Charles River Canoe-Orienteering Event, Auburndale, MA
Saturday, July 9, 2011
Event Director: Ian Smith

Canoe orienteering races happen infrequently in New England, and they tend to be less accessible to a casual participant because most sites are remote and do not have on-site canoe rentals.  It had been some time since we last used the Newton facility - which has Charles River Canoe and Kayak on the map, so I elected to set the second Canoe-O race of the season at that location.

The Score-O format is more interesting for canoe orienteering than for foot orienteering because there are many more possible paths of similar difficulty.  I had never set a canoe course before, and score-O has the benefit of forcing people to think about what order to take the controls and of allowing individuals to choose a course of a length suited to their interests without fear of DNFing.  I decided to have two classes - anyone who chose to visit ten or fewer controls would be in the "short" class, and up to 20 would be the "long."  This partition set a shorter, attainable objective, and the short course was a popular option.  I set a long (14-15 km) challenging course.  One of the major challenges was finding an optimal way through thick water chestnuts and lilypads; I think this would have been more appropriate if they map had included all the vegetation in detail.  As it was, several competitors battled through a few gratuitously difficult legs.  The map is likely better suited to an earlier race - in late May or early June, when the vegetation isn't so mature.

A total of 24 people made it out for the competition.  I think with some effort advertising the event at Charles River Canoe and Kayak (which I did not invest), the turnout could be much higher.  Many thanks to Pete Lane who showed up unsolicited to help out with the event and picked up 14 controls; it would have been challenging to have managed the event efficiently without his assistance.


Long Course - 20 controls
Place Name Class Controls Time
1 Aims Coney and JJ Cote C2 20 2:02:34
2 Bill Warren K1 19 2:22:52
4 Gabe, Alec, Arthur C2 14 2:32:55

Short Course - 10 controls
1 Lori Huberman K1 10 1:16:53
2 Scott Drumm K1 10 1:34:04
3 Martin Kessell C1 10 1:34:42
4 Stephen and Jocelyn Matthews C2 10 1:47:46
5 Otto Ritter K1 10 2:06:31
6 Lea Ritter K1 10 2:06:31
7 Dave and Josh Trahan K2 9 1:22:37
8 Paul Schiralli K1 9 2:27:00
9 Zachary Schiralli K1 9 2:27:40
10 EK and SK Khalsa C2 8 1:36:21
11 Lilia and Stefanie Evans C2 7 1:52:00
12 Ann Harrer C1 6 2:05:40
13 Scott and Kathy Turner C2 4 1:13:30