Horn Pond Beginner Intro and Sprint

September 4, 2011

Meet Director: Joanne Sankus



   Saturday brought a bunch of club members out for a long sprint, eager to start the fall orienteering season. A few beginners came to try out orienteering, with more club members also enjoying the White and Yellow courses.  Up and coming orienteers Linc Berkley and his mother Marcie are racking up points in the Club Point Series. Their names seem to be on almost every results list this year! Check out the Point Series standings on the website to see how you are doing. You have almost the whole fall schedule of events to catch the leaders and be named Club Champion at the Holiday Party.

   Many thanks to the people who helped out at the meet: Barbara Martin, Jim Crawford, Bill Pullman, Ian Smith, and a special thanks to Pete Frykman who ran the epunching program while Jim Paschetto took a well deserved vacation from his usual epunching duties.



White 2.25k 25m
Name Club Time
1 Linc Berkley NEOC 16:41
2 Marcie Berkley NEOC 17:11
3 Steve Yankum G3 28:16:00
4 Andrew Kelly G3 33:00:00
Jason Tong G3 NEOC MP
Yellow 2.5k 26m
Name Club Time
1 Richard Powers NEOC 17:49
2 Linc Berkley NEOC 21:17
3 Troop 18 NEOC 27:45:00
4 Julia & Joanne Totosy 31:00:00
5 Troop 18 NEOC 33:08:00
6 Andy Penfield NEOC 46:03:00
7 Liz Brooks NEOC 48:48:00
8 Jeremy & Natalie Jackson NEOC 67:33:00
Sprint 3.8k 60m
Name Club Time
1 Bill Pullman NEOC 38:47:00
2 Barbara Bryant NEOC 41:08:00
3 Jim Crawford NEOC 41:34:00
4 Scott Turner NEOC 42:28:00
5 John Leiserson NEOC 43:43:00
6 Peter Frykman NEOC 45:16:00
7 Dave Yee NEOC 45:59:00
8 Nikolai Schwertner NEOC 49:29:00
9 Isabel Bryant NEOC 56:05:00
10 Terry Keegan NEOC 58:19:00
11 Arthur Su & Gabe Bronk NEOC 59:50:00
12 Bill Binette NEOC 62:22:00
13 Nat Brooks NEOC 62:52:00
14 Chris Noon NEOC 63:31:00
15 Marcie Berkeley NEOC 64:22:00
16 Richard Powers NEOC 66:19:00
17 Martin Family G3 NEOC 67:00:00
18 Jim and Sara Mariewicz NEOC 74:30:00
19 David Penfield NEOC 74:39:00
20 Theresa, Kevin Markiewicz NEOC 99:02:00
21 Matt and Ken Doyle NEOC 115:56:00
Ian Smith CSU DNF
Bruce Allen NEOC DNF
David Bryant and Aiury Cavallo NEOC DNF
Barbara Martin NEOC DNF