Mt. Holyoke Range State Park
Amherst, MA
October 16, 2011
Meet Directors: Ian Smith & Alison Crocker

Conditions were clear, breezy and cool, with a temperature in the low to mid 50s for the second Western MA event of the year.  Mt. Norwottuck is a very large map with considerable climb and many small contour features.  The map is in need of an update, and that was exacerbated by my accidental use of an older version of the map for course setting and printing.  About 90 people showed up for the event, with a healthy mix of clubs and a solid girl scout contingent.  While I spent the day before the event setting controls, I overlooked some beginner controls which were set near a shooting range.  After Peter Gagarin and Alex Jospe alerted me of the problem, a quick scramble in the morning averted disaster.

I overextended myself setting this event, and that miscalculation had adverse consequences for some competitors.  Apart from the shooting range problem - which was fortunately discovered before anyone ran to those controls - one of the controls on the green and blue courses was hung about 30-40 meters away from its intended location in a vague reentrant.  Mishanging a control is one of the most egregious errors a course setter can make, and it would have been easily rectified by asking for help or setting a more conservative set of controls.  I do apologize to everyone who was affected.

Despite my errors, many people had a good time out in the woods.  The courses were challenging; the blue course, which I had invested considerable effort designing, was a 10-km adventure in the wilderness.  Many thanks to everyone who helped out - Pete Lane, Michelle Faucher, Ali Crocker, and Richard Powers at registration, the ever-reliable Jim Paschetto on results, Dean Sturtevant and Phil Bricker with beginner instruction, Bill Binnette with white/yellow course pickup, and anyone else I may have forgotten.

Special thanks must go to co-meet director Ali Crocker, without whom I would have been completely overwhelmed.  She spent almost nine hours at the event, tracked down some hapless orange runners to confirm they had the correct map, worked registration, won the blue course, fed a hungry meet director, and picked up controls with me well into the evening.  She did all of this without complaining, despite considerable cause.


RouteGadget and Lost-and-Found items will be posted soon.

Photos from the event are in Galleries (in the News menu).

Split times are available here (courtesy of WinSplits).

White 2.0k
Name Club Time
1 Garrett Faucher NEOC 23:35
2 Chris Laflamme 48:13
3 Whitney Leslie Girl Scouts (4) 70:04
4 Kelly Cronin Girl Scouts (5) 70:09
5 C. Arrighini Girl Scouts (4) 70:24
Nolan Faucher NEOC DNF
Yellow 2.6k
Name Club Time
1 Richard Powers 30:44
2 Lincoln Berkley NEOC 35:13
3 Rich & Ray Reeves 38:22
4 Caroline Smyser +2 72:45
5 A. Granger-Bevan 124:25
Whitney Leslie Girl Scouts DNF
Liz Ganz Girl Scout DNF
Corinne Arrighini GS DNF
H. Granger-Bevan DNF
Rachel Krueger DNF
Samantha Marsden DNF
Arati, Akchheta DNF
Rhonda Deweese NEOC/WCOC DNF
Orange 3.4k
Name Club Time
1 Jeffrey Tingle NEOC 62:09
2 Michelle Faucher NEOC 66:59
3 Richard Powers NEOC 73:09
4 Alee Perkins NEOC 84:22
5 Joe Young & Karen Ruff 86:10
6 Richard & Raymond Reeves 86:22
7 Karen Teerlinck 123:50
8 John Underwood NEOC 150:42
9 Evans Family (3) NEOC 155:28
10 Diane Menzies NEOC 161:11
Sarah Bjorkman DNF
Brown 4.2k
Name Club Time
1 Stephen Granger-Bevan 63:54
2 Meg Parson NEOC 68:34
3 Gail Gagarin CSU 82:36
4 Michael Tollefson NEOC 92:38
5 Jim Paschetto NEOC 96:06
6 Earl LaVallee 101:42
7 Trisha Underwood NEOC 108:54
8 Bill Binette NEOC 117:45
Team Babylon (2) NEOC DNF
Green 5.5k
Name Club Time
1 Bill Pullman NEOC 56:41
2 Phil Bricker NEOC 63:46
3 Lori Huberman NEOC 85:51
4 Janet Tryson EMPO 99:47
5 George Walker WCOC 104:36
6 Tracy Whelen Cascade OC 106:34
7 Charlie DeWeese NEOC/WCOC 111:52
8 William Kennerly EMPO 113:01
9 Ben Gallup NEOC 113:20
10 Keith Durand 113:52
11 John Durrant NEOC 136:56
12 Robert M. Lange EMPO 139:54
13 Astrid & Gerhard Kirchmair WCOC 151:08
L. Delapenha & P. Lejskova DNF
Dean Sturtevant NEOC DNF
Tim Parson NEOC-MQ DNF
Peter Gagarin NEOC DNF
Richard Nietupski WCOC DNF
Red 7.7k
Name Club Time
1 Clinton Morse WCOC 89:58
2 Glen Tryson EMPO 123:46
3 Dave Yee 138:17
4 Scott Turner NEOC 158:14
5 Dmitry Lavrov HVO 200:30
6 Boyd Potts & Gail DeRuzzo 259:07
Nathaniel Knapp WCOC DNF
Frank Boscoe EMPO DNF
Brendan Shields CSU DNF
Eric Benson CSU DNF
Jim Henderson WCOC DNF
Blue 10.1k
Name Club Time
1 Ali Crocker CSU 111:24
2 Becky Carlyle WCOC 121:09
3 Magnus Bjorkman NEOC 138:42
4 Hannah Burgess USMAOC 155:47
5 Ken Walker Sr. CSU/NEOC 209:50
Jeffrey Schapiro NEOC DNF
Dawes Wilson RMOC DNF
Jeffrey Woods DNF