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NEOC: Nagog Hill - BYOM (Acton, MA)
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From Saturday, October 09, 2021
To Saturday, October 16, 2021
Nagog Hill
Acton, MA
Yellow, Orange
Special Courses:
Short Yellow, Combined
Meet Director:
Xevi Fradera
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This will be a 1-week Bring-your-own-Map event. Participants will download a map and do the courses at a time that best works for them.

The parking at ~ 280 Nagog Hill Rd holds 4-6 cars.  The alternate (half mile away), ~241 Nagog Hill Rd holds 3-4.  

Use the marked conservation area parking.  If it is full, come back another time or find an alternate parking area.  Please do not park on the roadside and create a traffic hazard.


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Time Your Run

  • Time yourself (no splits will be captured).
  • Use your smartphone to scan a code at each control (requires data connection; may require an app that reads QR codes).


Record Your Time

  • Self-timed runners: Record your time for the final results.
  • QR-code runners: Your time and splits were automatically recorded by the QRienteering system.


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Nagog Hill parking
280 Nagog Hill Rd. (approx.)

Small lot (4-6 cars) on west side of road, with sign "Grassy Pond."

Alternate parking 1/2 mile away at about 241 Nagog Hill Rd. Holds 3-4 cars; with sign "Nagog Hill."

Please do not park on the roadside.