The main item at NEOC's Annual General Meeting (June 16 at Houghton's Pond) is the election to fill five seats on the Board of Directors. Below are the candidate statements.

Current NEOC members, at least 18 years old, may vote. Family memberships are limited to two votes.

If you can not attend the meeting, you can designate an attending NEOC member (who is at least 18 years old) to vote as your proxy with this form.

Jonathan (Jon) Campbell

I've been an avid orienteer since 1992, when at a Delaware Valley Orienteering Scout-O, I learned that West Point has an orienteering team, and as luck would have it, I was "reporting" there the next month. My wife, Victoria (Tori), and I settled in Acton, MA after an Army career, the many moves of which allowed us to be members of lots of orienteering clubs over the years: USMAOC, GAOC, COC, CSU, and QOC. The downside of so many moves is we were never in one place long enough to get actively involved in the administration of an orienteering club, other than volunteering at events. Having finally put down roots and with two children growing beyond having to be shadowed in the woods, I'm keen to "pay forward" at the local level a sport that has taken us all over the country and world to places we would never have seen otherwise, that has sparked many friendships, and is still as enjoyable and as challenging as the first day when I was "hooked." I've always been impressed with NEOC's great terrain, deep bench of maps, active regional/local orienteering scene, and enthusiastic volunteers. As a board member, I feel the most important things we can do are: increase the number of high-quality maps, ensure a full event schedule, increase participation (both starts and volunteers), maintain good land-owner relations, and increase outreach—through clinics (e.g. REI), schools, youth groups (e.g. Scouts), permanent courses, and many more publicly available small, local park maps. I am also an experienced orienteering mapper, and if you have in mind a great orienteering venue that "needs" a map, or if you've always wanted to try your hand at mapping the local school or park, please get in contact with me.

Jim Crawford

I've been orienteering with NEOC for over 40 years, participating in many different facets of the sport, most recently by making new maps, directing meets, handling club membership, serving as Treasurer for six years, and serving on the Board of Directors for eight years. I think the club has made great strides recently with the Youth Series meets. Overall membership is up and the club finances are solid. I am always in favor of more A-meets on new maps, and upgrading our old maps.

Wendy Johnecheck

I have served on the NEOC board for the past 2 years and I would like to stand for re-election. Since moving to the Boston area in 2000, my family and I have benefited tremendously from re-locating to an area with a vibrant orienteering community. On most weekends in the spring and fall we have been able to show up at local events and find a course that works for all members of our family. We have found great friends in the community and it is so fun to see our kids get to know other kids and adults who are choosing to spend time in the great outdoors.

In the past my husband and I have been regular meet directors, but two years ago we decided to invest more time in helping to support club activities and grow the sport in the local area. Since 2016, I have been working with other NEOC members and local organizations to host the Greater Boston Youth Series, outreach events for youth and families. Our collaborative group has also started offering development program sessions for youth in the community during local NEOC events.

If elected I would like to continue focusing on promoting orienteering to local youth and families. I am also interested in working with other board members to ensure that our organization can continue to sustain our current activities and support our mission of promoting orienteering. I ask for your support and encourage you to reach out with your ideas on how we can work together!

Jim Paschetto

I joined the Board of Directors in 2005, and have maintained NEOC's website since 2010. I can be found at the results computer at most events, where I've grown to know most local orienteers by name. I usually organize volunteer instructors for NEOC's spring and fall Scout-O events. I'm interested in streamlining registration at NEOC meets, and would welcome your suggestions.

Joanne Sankus

I started orienteering in 1976 at Nobscot in Sudbury. After finding that first control I was hooked. Over the years I have been meet director, course setter and have volunteered for all the various jobs at events. After being invited to join the board (and being elected in the ‘80’s) I have served in most all the positions. Presently I am the VP of Administration, Clerk (for purposes of our MA corp. status), and still enjoy finding those controls.

Each year, every new board has the chance to reinvent itself, maybe as the board that really “grew the sport”, or the board that got the fullest schedule of events going, or maybe the board that brought back the old glory of two A-Meets every year. (Yes, NEOC used to do that!) Quite often a single board member will have the vision and drive to push forward on one of these themes. As a member of the board I will support wholeheartedly the efforts of the “visionaries”, and expect to receive the same support in turn. I look to involve more women, young, old, and in-between :-), in enjoying orienteering and having a greater voice and impact on the sport.