New England Orienteering Club
Special Meeting
1:00 PM Eastern, June 14, 2020

This NEOC Special Meeting will be held via videoconference, with limited "real world" seating in Woburn, MA. The main business is the election for four seats on the Board of Directors. NEOC members, age 18 and over, may vote; Family memberships are limited to two votes. (Check that your membership is current with this form.)

Please have your member number handy when you attend this meeting. (It's on your member card.)

The Videoconference

A link to the videoconference will be e-mailed to current NEOC members on Saturday evening, June 13, 2020. The e-mail will contain both a Web link for an audio/video connection, and a phone number for audio-only.

The "Real World" Location

The location of the in-person meeting can be requested by e-mailing the NEOC Clerk, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Attendees must wear a mask, and bring their own chair & pen. Social distancing will be enforced. There will be limited WiFi, if you want to bring a laptop.

Voting by Proxy

If you cannot attend this meeting, you can assign another NEOC member to cast your vote. Use this form to specify your voting preferences and assign a proxy voter.
Note: The proxy form will be available until 11:00 AM on June 14, 2020.


Contact the Clerk, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the Webmaster, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This election will fill four positions on the Board of Directors. At this time there are four candidates for those positions. Other candidates may be nominated before the election. This article will be updated as additional candidates are nominated.

 Orienteering Bios of Candidates for Election to the NEOC Board of Directors

Peter Frykman

Hello, my name is Peter Frykman and I am a candidate for re-election to the NEOC board of directors. I have been involved in orienteering since 1984, have been a NEOC member for more than 21 years, and have been on the NEOC Board of Directors for more than 14 years. I am a devoted recreational orienteer (Green) and try to run in about 10 meets a year. I have been a meet director and have had the good fortune to orienteer here in New England, in other places in the US and also in Europe. I have attended two USOF conventions to learn more about the sport. These opportunities have broadened my view of the sport and I have had the chance to see different ways that clubs enhance the orienteering experience for their members. I worked to bring e-punching to NEOC and now we use it almost all meets, and have been able to help other clubs by renting our equipment to them when our schedule permits. About 7 years ago I developed what has turned into the NEOC Point Series. Initially this was a way for club members to compare their performance over the course of the year.  Now the Point Series is used  to determine the club champions for the different age and gender groups.

I believe the job of the board is to listen to the membership of the club and to prudently use the club's resources to work to develop programs to enhance the orienteering experience that the membership wants. I hope that you will vote for me so that I can work to provide you, the NEOC members, with the orienteering experience that you want.

Cristina Luis

I'm back in the Boston area after spending seven years living in the orienteering paradise of Norway. While the Norwegians hold plenty of large, impressive events, what I best learned there was how clubs could create a very active orienteering scene by hosting many more simple events. The Bring-Your-Own-Map and casual trainings that NEOC has been hosting during this pandemic are great examples of fun, accessible, easy to organize orienteering. There's lots more we can do like that and I'd like to help make it happen.

Jeffrey Saeger

The first course I went around was in 1980, at Ashland State Park. It took me awhile to get going, but by 1982 Hans Bengtsson had recruited me as a meet director, Regis College, and I guess I did OK, because then he thought I would be OK for an A-meet director, Troll Cup 1985!  Years later I served on the Board and was President in the 1990's.

Eight years ago I volunteered for the board again, and in June 2017 became President, again!.?

There are several ideas and goals I would like to accomplish. The common theme of them all is to get the membership involved and the public aware and participating in our meets.

In this time of no gatherings, the club has done a quick turn to providing orienteering on your own. I thank the members who have worked on this, and hope we can all get together as a club soon.

I look forward to talking with any of you about what the club can do to make your experience as an orienteer, meet volunteer, course setter, meet director, and club member more rewarding.

Karen Yeowell

I was first introduced to orienteering in the mid-1990’s in North Carolina, but then got distracted by life, and re-discovered the sport when we moved to Massachusetts in 2009. As a Girl Scout Leader for the past 10 years and Venture Crew Advisor for the past 5, I became involved with NEOC through the Scout-O. I particularly enjoy seeing young people’s confidence grow as they become more and more adept at navigating through the woods, finally able to gleefully ignore the common admonishments to “stay together,” “stay on the trail,” and “don’t wander around the woods in the dark.” The Night-O course now offered as part of the Scout-O consistently ranks as one of the highlights of our scouting year.

In addition to working with youth, I would also like to actively encourage more outreach to promote gender, racial and cultural diversity in orienteering.