The Winter Party usually features some sort of map-oriented puzzle for people to ponder to when not eating or socializing. This year's involved matching portions of orienteering maps to a list of location in the U.S. and abroad. Three of 17 entrants got perfect scores: Alex Jospe, Ethan Childs and the Jeff Saeger/Judy Karpinski team.

For those interested in statistics, a list of places and number of correct answers is shown below. As might be predicted, the two NEOC maps used (Nobscot and Noon Hill) got the highest number of correct answers, with UNO's Burnt Mountain just behind.

Map Location Number Correct
Medfield, MA   15
Sudbury, MA   15
Hanover, NH   14
California   11
Maryland   11
Wisconsin   9
Eastern Washington State   5
Sweden   4
Western Washington State   3
Italy   3