Orienteering is finding your way through unknown terrain by using a map and compass

Permanent control markers have been placed at several locations within the park. Each location is marked by two red (or orange) and white 4" square aluminum signs which are attached to opposite sides of a tree about 1 to 2 feet above the ground level. Each marker has the control number and a two-letter code. One can collect the letters to prove that they found the control (since we haven't put the usual punches at controls). One can practice Orienteering techniques by locating these markers. They can be found one at a time while hiking through the park. A set of the locations may be located in sequence as is done at a local Orienteering event.

pc2For Orienteering information and the complete map of Hurd Park, contact the Kevin Burnham.

Course Checkpoints

Description of Hurd Park controls

Hurd Park permanent controls

Tips For Successful Orienteering:

  • Orienteering is a great family or group activity. But, if you go by yourself, tell someone where you are going or leave a note on the inside windshield of your car.
  • "Orient" the map everytime you look at it. That is, turn the map so that the map north arrow points toward Magnetic North as shown by your compass.
  • Have a plan in mind for which features to follow to get to the control, such as a road, trail or stream.
  • Hold the map in your hand with your thumb firmly planted on your current location. Fold it up to make this easier. When you next look at the map, it will be easier to "locate" yourself.
  • The controls are small, only four inches square, and flat, so you may have to look carefully to see some of them. In general, if you are at the feature described in the "Control Descriptions" and you turn around in a circle, you'll be able to spot it.
  • Keep in mind that all maps are drawn by people, not divine powers, so the mapper's decisions on what to show and how to show it might not be the same as what your decisions would have been. Do not be surprised if you come across new features that are not shown on the map. Remember, everything that's on the map is out there, but everything that's out there may not be on the map.

Special Thanks to UpNorth Orienteers.