Horn Pond, Woburn, MA
August 29, 2021
Meet Director: Joanne Sankus

It was a beautiful orienteering day at Horn Pond, cloudy and a little overcast, which kept the temperature down. The Orange course showed the pent up orienteering urge with by far the most starts. You could tell most people could not wait to get out on a course, including one person who grabbed a map before the 11am start time. Unfortunately, it was before a map correction for the last control, which necessitated moving the control location. On Friday had I discovered warning signs: DO NOT ENTER THE DROP ZONE Severe injury or even death might result! A huge pile of 10" X 10" railroad ties had been dropped (from the sky?) right beside the control location. Dorina thrashed around in the very overgrown reentrant before giving up. She laughed about it when she found out. Said it was her own fault for jumping the gun. :) As I was coming down the hill from hanging the #6 Orange control, a coyote trotted off from the trail in front of me, a large one, healthy looking pelt, big brushy tail, looking back at me over his shoulder as he went. Lots of fauna in that conservation area.

The QR system for registration and timing was given another good test. Thanks to Mark O'Connell for working the computer and for Magnus Bjorkman for sitting in there while Mark got to run a course. Many thanks to Karen Yeowell and Wendy Johnecheck for running the registration process, getting people to load the online registration form and explaining the details.

Thanks also to the other volunteers who helped make the event a success: Nancy Sankus, Kristin Hall, Channon Ames, Tegan Mortimer, Mori Finlayson-Johnecheck, Isla Finlayson-Johnecheck, and Jim Paschetto in absentia (for getting the payment forms up and running!).

Split times can be analyzed on WinSplits. The raw splits file is available under Results > Raw Splits Files.