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Mary Cummings Park, Burlington, MA
May 21, 2023
Meet Director: Kristin Hall

What a beautiful spring day!  Mary Cummings Park drew nearly 100 orienteers out to enjoy the (somewhat soggy) woods and trails.  And it was far too nice a day to be content with just one orienteering course - so people followed up with picnics, model airplane watching, geocaching, bird watching, kite flying, a fair amount of gymnastics, and running a second orienteering course.   

Apologies to anyone who was confused by the streamer not being in the same spot as the control at the edge of the swamp.  Note to self: do not use "edge of swamp" as a control site in the spring ... because the swamp may grow overnight.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out, including at least four who learned the registration system or computer results system for the first time today.  For anyone out there who has considered volunteering, but worried that they didn't know what to do, we are always happy to train new volunteers!

And thanks to The Trustees of Reservations for taking care of this great park.

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