Noon Hill, Medfield, MA
October 8, 2017
Meet Director: Bo Nielsen

 With about 80 registered starts and over 100 active participants the October 8th meet at Noon Hill in Medfield proved to be a popular orienteering destination. The combination of steady rain, technical courses and a high quality, but very detailed map, proved to be challenging for many and the average finish time for most courses was a bit longer than usual. Still, in spite of the inclement weather, I heard many appreciative comments on the courses and terrain so my impression is that most folks enjoyed the early fall colors and varied orienteering challenges on the slopes of Noon Hill.

As the results reveal, the list of club affiliations for the event was impressive. In addition to our regular NEOC and CSU participants, we had representatives for out-of-state clubs EMPO, UNO and USMAOC, as well as out-of-country JSport from Spain! Thanks all for coming!

There were a couple of unfortunate hiccups along the way. First, the White and Yellow courses encountered a stretch of closed of trail which confused many. This should have been caught while vetting the courses, but regrettably I never noticed it. Please accept my apologies for this error. Then, Orienteers on the Yellow, Orange, Brown, and Green courses encountered a hornet/wasp nest close to one of their controls. Again, this was never noticed during course vetting, but perhaps it was the repeated disturbance in the area that activated the hive? A big thanks to Becky Carlyle for returning to flag the hive location after she had been stung several times herself! My apologies to anyone who may have faced the angry swarm.

Finally, a big thank you to all who volunteered their time. To have such a fine crew of capable people know what to do and when to do it makes a great experience possible for everyone, the meet director included.  Andy MacIlvane, Xavier Fradera and Sylvie Guichard made the registration run smoothly while Jim Paschetto handled the timing aspects with his usual expertise. Patrice Miller generously stepped in to help guide overflow traffic as the main parking lot filled up quickly. At the end of the day Bill Binette, Jim Pachetto, Mark O’Connell and Karen Yeowell assisted with control pickup which made this task very manageable. Special thanks to Bill Binette for getting the control and most of the flagging tape by the wasp/hornet nest (while enduring a batch of stings).

All the soaked equipment is now slowly drying out in my courtyard, but it will be ready in time for the next NEOC event - I hope to see you there!

View the splits here (courtesy of WinSplits). For the raw splits file, click menu Results>Raw Splits Files.

This event may be available in RouteGadget soon. (Software problems prevent posting new events.)

White 1.8k
  Name Club Time
1 Eamonn Kelly NEOC 26:48
2 Lukas Webb CSU 34:24
3 Ailish Kelly NEOC 34:28
4 Sebastian Ruiz NEOC 39:38
5 Pratik (2)   41:43
6 A. Markova, Garkavtsev-3   43:45
7 Julie & Caroline Baldwin NEOC 46:57
8 Isla Finlayson NEOC 55:26
  Quenton Friedman   DNF
  Tor Webb CSU DNF
  Kathryn Codd   DNF
  Owen Shipley   DNF
Yellow 2.4k
  Name Club Time
1 Andy Baumel NEOC 25:48
2 Mori Finlayson NEOC 28:22
3 Chris Haley   32:34
4 Guadalupe Duran   43:36
5 Emmett Cook & Tracy NEOC 46:41
6 Wesley McCarty   47:07
7 Carston Friedman   48:13
8 Gregory, Patrick, Brian, Kevin   48:17
9 Millie DiRocco   48:19
10 Coraline McCarty NEOC 48:27
11 David+Sheelagh Kelly NEOC 55:04
12 Kalpana Kale   77:23
13 Karen Yeowell +1 NEOC 77:52
Orange 3.2k
  Name Club Time
1 Chiara Testini   51:47
2 Suzanne Robinson NEOC 60:19
3 Dan Deshaies   78:09
4 David Kehs NEOC 78:43
5 Nick Polanco, Jenna Taylor   85:12
6 Ken Menzies NEOC 88:19
7 John Mitchell NEOC 95:09
8 Sylvie Guichard NEOC 100:28
9 Diane Menzies NEOC 133:18
  Chris Haley   DNF
Tan 1.8k
  Name Club Time
1 Jackson Codd   36:17
2 Andy, Zach, David Baumel NEOC 79:48
3 Patrice Marie Miller NEOC 101:33
4 Alana Commons NEOC 108:17
5 Don Hedly   108:35
6 Michael Lamport Commons NEOC 110:09
  Adeline Vidolova NEOC DNF
  Larry Rutter   DNF
Brown 3.1k
  Name Club Time
1 Becky Carlyle NEOC 36:07
2 Ian Finlayson NEOC 46:19
3 Trisha Underwood NEOC 62:13
4 Roger Underwood NEOC 63:02
5 Katia Bertoldi CSU 65:07
6 Dorina Nimigean NEOC 83:56
7 Peter Amram NEOC 86:09
8 Ed Baldwin NEOC 97:13
9 Sue McKay AWE 138:05
10 Cathy Bearce   138:06
  Richard Shapiro NEOC DNF
  Pia Webb CSU DNF
  Wendy Johnecheck NEOC DNF
Green 4.5k
  Name Club Time
1 Bridget Hall NEOC 72:35
2 Jim Crawford NEOC 91:32
3 Xavier Fradera NEOC 101:23
4 Suzanne Wenger NEOC 109:31
5 Andy McIlvaine NEOC 116:00
6 Tom Randall NEOC 120:16
7 Karen Yeowell NEOC 125:46
8 Mark O'Connell NEOC 131:59
9 David Quinn NEOC 151:54
10 Rafael Frutos Fernandez NEOC 156:54
11 John Kernochan NEOC 191:23
  Aline Roher, Doug Nicholls   DNF
  Mark Webb CSU DNF
Red 6.1k
  Name Club Time
1 Juanma Merira JS 57:02
2 Giovanni Berlanda CSU 61:43
3 Kristin Hall NEOC 66:00
4 Vilppu Viinikainen NEOC 66:25
5 Brigitte Bordelon USMAOC 84:39
6 Stephen Tarry UNO 86:00
7 Martin Hawkes-Teeter EMPO 86:32
8 Alex Vai NEOC 89:05
9 Aaron Aaker NEOC 112:15
10 Pelle Wåhlström NEOC 186:45
  Violeta Felciano   DNF
  Michael Dwyer NEOC DNF