Blue Hills, Milton, MA
November 19, 2017
Meet Directors: Bud O'Leary (Recreational), Pia Webb & Wendy Johnecheck (Youth), Jeff Saeger (Traverse)

Greater Boston Youth Orienteering Series Event #6 & Recreational Event

It was a busy day at Camp Sayre with three different orienteering events folded into one: the Blue Hills Traverse (13.2 km) for ultralong runners, the last installment of the year of the Boston Youth Series for the younger crowd, and “regular” recreational courses for those in between. We were able to use a brand new map of the scout camp generously made by Tim Booth and Jim Crawford, which offered technical orienteering with many cliffs and rock features. Some runners had a hard time with the trails, though, as many were covered with newly fallen leaves and were hard to see.

The Youth Series capped the season with competitive courses for the runners who could finish their courses by themselves. There was a hard fight among the youngest boys on the white course, which was won by Etienne Jacques, a speedy 7-year old visiting from Canada, while NEOC runner Mori Finlayson was fastest on the yellow course. The top runners were all awarded miniature control flags. Although the rain in the morning had scared away some, there was still a number of beginners and younger kids who enjoyed the training activities and the string-O before heading out on the recreational courses. Among the most excited were Troup 4, who had come all the way from Worcester to try orienteering.

With the weather switching from rainy and warm to sunny, but cold, it was a nice perk to be able to use the scout camp’s dining hall for refreshments after the running. In addition to offering soup, hot chocolate, and apple cider donuts, we used the dining hall to give out water bottles to youth series participants. The plan was to give bottles to all runners, who had participated in at least four of the youth series events, but as we received bottles with a manufacturing error (see if you can spot it!) and will receive a replacement batch next week, we decided to give bottles to a few additional runners at the event. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to claim your bottle if you have participated in four of our youth series events this year!

Special thanks to Bud O’Leary, who directed the “regular” meet, Peter Amram, who helped with course setting of the recreational courses, and Judy Karpinski, who organized the refreshments. We also thank all the other meet helpers and the Youth Series coaches and technical staff for making this event happen!

This was the last scheduled event for the season. It has been great seeing so many people out in the woods this year. We look forward to seeing you all again after the winter!

Pia Webb, Youth Series Event Director

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Check out Davie Yee's photos from the Traverse.


Traverse 13.2k
Name Class Time
1 Vilppu Viinikainen M-39 109:15
2 Philippe Cote Jacques M-39 118:03
3 Violeta Feliciano F-39 125:17
4 Ernst Linder M55+ 130:49
5 Tim Parson M55+ 130:54
6 Aaron Aaker M40+ 136:04
7 Bo Nielsen M40+ 140:45
8 Alex Rothman M-39 143:16
9 Rick Keilty M-39 145:30
10 David Oxenstierna M55+ 147:35
11 J-J Cote M55+ 149:04
12 Ari Ofsevit M-39 164:47
13 Maria Bloom F-39 164:48
14 Will Daniels M-39 164:52
15 william davidson M-39 164:54
16 Bob Dangel M55+ 169:40
17 Michael Springer M40+ 180:56
18 Dan Foster M40+ 180:58
19 Phil Bricker M55+ 184:42
20 Justin Wiley M40+ 186:21
21 Jim Arsenault M55+ 186:43
22 Clinton Morse M55+ 186:48
23 Ken Walker M55+ 191:41
24 Sam Levitin M55+ 192:42
25 Dean Sturtevant M55+ 201:41
26 Doug Sevon M55+ 208:27
27 Xavier Fradera M40+ 210:34
28 Rafael Frutos Fernandez M40+ 210:40
29 Charlie DeWeese M55+ 212:56
30 Evgeny Remizov M-39 221:18
31 Mark OConnell M40+ 224:34
32 Suzanne Wenger F40+ 235:27
33 Karen Yeowell F40+ 248:59
34 Peter Amram M55+ 284:45
35 Jim Paschetto M55+ 284:47
Name Club Time
1 Etienne Jacques 05:30
2 Egor Ivanov NEOC 07:15
3 Lily Springer NEOC 17:14
4 Alyssa Remizova 19:15
5 Adam Jacques 19:47
6 Corbin Liunk 20:36
7 Brynn Bates 21:38
8 Andrew Loughran 26:40
8 Ethan Santos 26:40
10 Aviva Bloom 28:02
White 1.3k
Name Club Time
1 Etienne Jacques Ramblers 12:10
2 Tor Webb CSU 13:54
3 Lukas Webb CSU 17:25
4 Adam Jacques 19:35
5 Sebastian Ruiz NEOC 20:51
6 Silas Summers 30:18
7 Mark Khrapunovich NEOC 33:29
8 Griffin Mulqueen (Team of Two) NEOC 35:02
9 Lily Springer NEOC 36:36
10 Darrell Kwateng 41:04
11 Anna Knrapunovich NEOC 45:46
12 Jacob Alejandro 72:46
Andrew Loughran DNF
Raushawn DNF
Ethan Santos DNF
Yellow 1.7k
Name Club Time
1 Etienne Jacques Ramblers 33:39
2 Mori Finlayson NEOC 37:59
3 Ivan Ivanov NEOC 43:57
4 Lukas Nemet 51:09
5 Grant Cook NEOC 52:16
Carla & Brynn Bates DNF
Orange 2.4k
Name Club Time
1 Tari Tan NEOC 54:10
2 Steve Feldman NEOC 65:58
3 Suzanne Robinson NEOC 71:47
4 James Leon 80:19
5 Ken Menzies NEOC 107:44
Aline Rober DNF
Ray Collings DNF
Diane Menzies NEOC DNF
Ian Anderson DNF
Sylvie Guichard NEOC DNF
George Seifart 4IOC DNF
Lizbeth Valerio-Green DNF
Brown 4.2k
Name Club Time
1 Andy McIlvaine NEOC 58:45
2 Jim Elder SYO 59:11
3 Tari Tan NEOC 71:34
4 Linus Hamilton QOC 76:31
5 Bridget Hall NEOC 78:35
6 Bill Binette NEOC 97:15
7 Faye Doria UNO 100:54
8 Lotta Blumberg 118:08
9 Daniel Palumbo 118:10
10 Barbara Anderson 119:00
11 John Kernochan NEOC 133:29
Chris Noon NEOC DNF
Green 5.9k
Name Club Time
1 Rachaeil Rothman SYO 57:21
2 Audun Botterun CSU 57:31
3 Stephen Tarry UNO 66:20
4 Steven Spitz NEOC 78:55
5 Jeffrey Schapiro NEOC 81:18
6 Michael Cooper NEOC 82:48
7 Brett Anderson 93:39
8 Roman 96:10
9 Anna Morse NEOC 184:29