Here are the current point tallies for the 2012 NEOC Club Championship point series.

Points for the series are based on your performance against the total field at any race you run at a NEOC local orienteering meet. It is important to remember that only solo runs count for the series and that your points for your best 12 races during the 2012 calendar year will be counted. You are only allowed to have points count from one race in any meet and we automatically give you the points from your best race at each meet. If you are a hard charger and want to run in more than one meet on a given day your best race in each of those meets will be considered eligible races. So far 201 NEOC club members have run in races that could get their points on the board. This is up from the June totals of 157 runners. These orienteers have completed 782 point series races so far this season.

Your points for each race are calculated based on your placement in the field of all the runners in your race (1st place = 100 points, last place gets you at least 1 point), and you get .1 point for each person in the field of your race. This sub-total is multiplied by a handicap based on your OUSA age group course. If you run a course in your age group, your handicap is 1.0. If you race on a course for a younger age group, you are penalized; if you race on a course for an older age group, you are rewarded.

Handicaps are as follows: correct age group = 1.0, 1 group younger = 0.9, 2 groups younger = 0.75, 3 groups younger = 0.55, 4 or more groups younger = 0.0, 1 group older = 1.1, 2 groups older = 1.25, 3 or more groups older = 1.45.

Courses that fall outside the normal OUSA age group designations have a handicap of 1.0. These include sprints, canoe-o, bike-o, score-o, etc. DNF efforts get 0 points.

You may find that you are not on the points list. This could be due any of a number of factors:

  • It is very important to make sure your name is consistently spelled and legibly printed on the Safety Card at the start of the race — this is where the meet director gets your name for the race report. If you use your own finger-stick, register it with NEOC — then your info will appear in the results automatically. 

  • Have you let your NEOC membership lapse?

  • Do you have an individual or family membership? Kids and spouses of individual members don’t get entered.

The way that we know that you are a club member is if you are on a membership list which gets updated several times a year. Individual and family members are listed, and Family memberships name the members of the family.

THE ENTRIES FOR THE POINT SERIES FOR THIS YEAR WILL BE CLOSED AT MIDNIGHT ON 07OCT2012. If you want to enter, you must get your membership in before the deadline. All NEOC members are elegible for the Point Series.

Some club members did not provide year of birth info so their age group could not be calculated. If you think that you should be on the list, or are listed with the wrong age/gender, contact Peter Frykman and the list will be corrected.