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NEOC: BYOM Ski-O, Great Brook Farm
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From Wednesday, February 02, 2022
To Sunday, March 27, 2022
Course Setter:
Jon Campbell
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Ongoing BYOM Ski-O at Great Brook Farm Ski Touring Center, Carlisle, MA (1018 Lowell St).

Skis only.  Nordic ski trail pass required (purchased on-site at the "red barn").

Check the latest ski conditions (and operating hours) at

The controls are streamered (long fluorescent pink streamers). Courses are designed for long route choice using the existing groomed ski tracks. You can try to beat your leg times on subsequent days, or challenge a friend head-to-head.

If you are on the closest trail (either side) to the streamer, you are at the right place. Respect other skiers and don't cut them off just to obsessively touch the streamer.

Our normal (foot-O) orienteering map has been altered to a legitimate Ski-O map: ski-tracks marked in green, many extra features removed including summer trails. Only one shade of green. You'll also see a purple dot at the center of the control circle (a "focus point"). All to help you see a simplified view of only the most relevant features to help you navigate on skis, in the snow, fog, etc.

Bear in mind that we made the trails match what is groomed (as of Feb. 1, 2022).  With subsequent snowfalls, the grooming team sometimes makes minor changes...

The Start and Finish are NOT at the red barn. They're about 300m away, so you can leave the hustle and bustle behind you.


 Course  Length  Controls  Road
Short  2.5km 6 1 Not all beginner (green circle) trails, but nothing too brutal.
Medium  4.25km 9 1  
Long  5.5km 11 1 Same as XLong, except for the long outlier (#9)
Extra Long  7 km 12 3 The final trail to #9 is a one-way loop. It's the obvious route.

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  • Time yourself (no splits will be captured).
  • Great event to try the Usynligo app.  After starting the app at the Start triangle, it will record your progress automatically (like a fancy SI-Air).  Note: because of GPS smoothing algorithms, it will often "chime" on your way OUT of the control--just navigate and ignore it.  The Usynligo app is fairly intuitive, but here is their help page.

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  • Will be posted in Results after the courses are removed with the melting of the last snows of the year :(
Great Brook Farm - Ski Ctr. parking
1018 Lowell Street

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