NEOC Points Series

NEOC members accumulate points when they participate in NEOC meets. At the year's end, these points determine the Club Champions.
The rules governing the Points Series and the details of the calculations are described in the Points Series Explainer.

...and the 2019 NEOC Club Champions are...

Congratulations to the NEOC members who accumulated the most "points" in their class.
If you were not at the Winter Party to receive your medallion of recognition, ask at the results table at a 2020 meet.

Thanks to Mark O'ConnellPeter Frykman for applying their skills to this annual task.

And the Winners Are:

Congratulations to the NEOC members who accumulated the most "points" in their class. Your medallion of recognition will be given to you at a 2019 meet.

Thanks to Peter Frykman for wrangling the knotty course/place/gender/age data.

And the Winners Are:

Despite the slow start due to a long winter last year proved to be an active and exciting year for orienteering. The Point Series recognizes those club members that run in races at the recreational meets the club offers during the year. Its main purpose is to encourage members to go orienteering locally as much as possible and subsequently to improve their abilities. It should be noted that only solo efforts are eligible for points and consequently group efforts do not score any points.

There were more than 850 individual courses run, with 145 NEOC members scoring points during the 2015 season. Sixteen of the participants in the point series scored points in the maximum of 10 races. There were ample opportunities to score points from the first race of the season, the Pine Bluffs ski-O on 31 JAN and ending with the 23rd meet of the season, the Blue Hills meet on 22 NOV. The average number of scoreable races run by point series participants was 4.48. This year there were several classes that did not have anyone running in them(!).

Let’s do a quick recap of the classes and the class winners.

The NEOC 2013 Point series is completed and here are the results.

The NEOC Point Series is designed to reward the NEOC members that race in NEOC local meets. The data was collected from the NEOC website results section. You could have run in as many races as you like, even more than one in each meet. But only your best race of each meet was counted and only your top 12 of those efforts were totaled to determine your year-end ranking. See this article for an in-depth explanation of the method for calculating the point totals.

There were 212 NEOC members (60 female and 152 male) that ran in eligible races. For a race to be eligible (i.e. the points will count toward your point total for the year) you must have run as a solo effort. This means that groups of any sort don’t count. The total number of eligible races run was 1017.

The Female class with the greatest number of runners was F Brown with 26 runners. The largest Male class was M Green with 47 runners. It should be noted that the NEOC Point Series classes are not the same as the OUSA age and gender classes. For the Point Series we offer 7 female classes and 8 male classes unlike the 19 female and 19 male classes that you find at OUSA A meets.

Congratulations to the winners of the NEOC 2013 Point Series. And congratulations to everyone that orienteered and racked up points.

This year there were 213 NEOC members that ran in the series, 65 female and 148 male. The prizes for this year are microfiber workout towels embroidered with "NEOC Club Champion 2012." These were awarded to the winners of the classes at the NEOC Winter Social.

Class winners that were not present to pickup their awards can contact Peter Frykman, the series administrator, with your street address, and he will mail your prize to you.

The winners in the age and gender classes are as follows

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