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Items of interest to New England orienteers

Sprint at the World Champs is done.

Ali Crocker finishes 18th, Alex Jospe 24th!

1. Tove Alexandersson, SWE 15:11
18. Alison Crocker, USA 17:09
24. Alex Jospe, USA 18:55
47. Cristina Luis, USA 37:09
53 starters

1. Olli-Markus Taivainen, FIN 18:04
49. Greg Walker, USA 25:22
52. Adrian Owens, USA 26:55
53. Scott Pleban, USA 26:41
65. Nikolay Nachev, USA 35:13
76 starters

Full results at:

GPS tracking for the women is at:

And for the men:

Click the “From Start” button in the upper left and then the Play arrow and you can watch it as if it were a mass start.

World Ski Orienteering Championships - Tänndalen, Sweden

Events all week, with live webstream coverage.


Also time to check out the hands-free punching system, all you have to do is get within about a foot of the punch and it’s recorded electronically, no need to stop. If you’re going downhill, that can save a lot of time, as long as you don’t miss.

More photos and a video of Alex on the model course are at the USA Team blog:

What’s coming on Tuesday --
The Sprint. There are only finals in Ski-O, no qualifying races. Start times are :

Adrian Owens- GMOC 10:39
Nikolay Nachev- COC 10:45
Scott Pleban- QOC 10:51
Greg Walker- CSU 11:11

Cristina Luis 10:03
Alex Jospe- CSU 10:26
Alison Crocker- CSU 10:28

Times are local. For the east coast, subtract 5 hours (so they are starting about 5 am), for the west coast subtract 8 hours (so they are starting about 2 am).

Live coverage is at: http://www.skiwoc2011.com/index.php?en&subj=18

by Samantha Saeger

This summer was another orienteering adventure! I set off in June for an orienteering wedding in Yosemite followed by the North American Orienteering Championships (NAOC) in BC, Canada. This was a milestone year for the US as we won the Björn Kjellström Cup for the first time since 1982. The cup is awarded to either the US or Canada, based on results in the male and female elite categories at the North American Orienteering Championships which are held every 2 years. The Cup is awarded to the country with the highest point total after the sprint, middle and long distance races. Points are awarded to the top 15 finishers in each M21+ and F21+ according to a points system similar to cross country scoring. I always love competing at NAOC with the rest of the US men and women. Unlike a WOC team where there are only 5 men and 5 women competing in a foreign country, the US team at NAOC can be larger and we are surrounded by our supporters. I’m proud to be a part of the team that won the trophy back - finally!

by Barb Bryant

The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation invites public comment as it updates its plans for managing the Middlesex Fells. While it appears that NEOC and CSU will continue to be able to obtain permits for orienteering meets, the strong anti-off-trail-use language in the draft plan may hamper orienteers' ability to train informally.

Below is the letter that I wrote to the DCR in response to their request for public input; you have until March 30th 2011 to submit your own comments.

Keystone Capers, June 25-26, will be the first "A meet" to be located in Western PA in 30 years.

WPOC is offering two days of classic distance courses on new maps and in parks that have never hosted an "A meet" before. In addition, you can camp in a park with a beach, participate in the First Great College Orienteering Club Reunion, or visit some of the many tourist attractions in the vicinity of Pittsburgh.

Registration is open, for those who like to get things done early.

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