The New England Orienteering Club

Bring-Your-Own-Map Frequently Asked Questions

BYOM events allow you to orienteer when it's convenient. Controls are left in the woods for several days—open & close dates are noted on the Schedule. You can time your run yourself and submit your time for the Results, or you can use QR-code punching (which will email your split times).

  • How do I get a map?
    • On the Schedule page, click the name/link of the event you want to attend. The details of the event will display.
    • Scroll down to the "Get Course Maps" heading, and click the Download button. A form will load with separate instructions for members and non-members.
    • Members will be emailed a link to the map files (.pdf downloads). Non-members must pay the event fee before the map files can be downloaded. The fee schedule is displayed on the download form.
  • Can Scout groups go out on BYOM courses?
    Yes! Organized groups, such as Scouts, are asked to pay a flat fee plus a small per-person surcharge. The fee schedule is displayed on the download form.
  • Where is the start?
    Getting to the Start is your first navigation challenge!
    On your map, find your current location—parking lot, trailhead, cul de sac, etc. Next, look on your map for the red/purple triangle—that is the course Start. The location will be marked with a control "bag," or maybe just a streamer. 
    If you are using QR-code punching, you will find a QR code labeled Start.
    Start QR-code
  • My phone didn’t work on one control, can you fix my time so I'm not listed as DNF?
    Yes, no problem. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name, event location, and course.
  • What do I need to bring with me?
    Consider carrying the following:
    • Map that you printed. Putting it in a plastic bag (gallon ziplocs work) will keep the ink from smudging.
    • Compass
    • Water & snacks - no water is available on the course.
    • Mask - if noted in the event details. Keep at least 6-feet between you and everyone else, including at controls if someone else happens to be there.
    • Cell phone with web access if you are QR-code orienteering. You may also want to bring a backup battery, especially if it’s cold.
      Alternative: Time yourself with a watch and submit your result(s) as described on the event's Schedule page.
  • I think one of the controls is missing. Is there someone I can contact?
    In the Schedule page for your event, you can find contact information for the Meet Director or Course Setter. Please tell them which course you were on and which control was missing. Thanks for helping!

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