The New England Orienteering Club

This merit badge is very involved. Do not expect to complete it in one day, or even one weekend.

Scouts should complete First Class requirement #2 (orienteering) before starting this merit badge.

This merit badge has 10 requirements. Requirements are posted on the BSA website:

Requirements 1 though 6 involve familiarization with maps, compass, and orienteering skills. To get the most out of an orienteering event, we suggest that these requirements be substantially completed ahead of time.

Requirement 7 is to take part in three orienteering events and write a report on each. This can be done at NEOC events such as Scout-O.

After requirement #7 is completed, then it’s time to work on the next 2 requirements.

Finally, requirement 10 is to teach orienteering to others. This is best done after Scouts have orienteering experience and have mastered orienteering skills and techniques.