The New England Orienteering Club

Health & Safety

Participants should be physically capable of completing a chosen course. A recent comprehensive physical examination is recommended for all competitors. It is a good idea to bring a list of current prescription medications. First aid equipment will be in the arena each day.

Participants are required to carry a whistle with them on courses.  Three whistle blasts are the universal signal for help--whether injured or lost.  Any competitor who hears emergency whistle blasts should provide assistance.

Be aware of the day's weather. As temperature increases, so does chance of dehydration. Keep well hydrated. Competitors are responsible for their own food & drink (including water) before, during, and after the competition. We will also post any anticipated weather changes in the arena. In the event of dangerous conditions that would halt competition, multiple car horns will be sounded from the arena area and accessible roads of the competition area. Please leave the courses and return to the arena for a complete accounting of competitors and guests.

New England has a flourishing tick population. Please use insect repellent and appropriate clothing to deter tick bites. You might consider bringing a commercially available tick remover or a pair of tweezers to help remove a stubborn tick.

Pre-runners have noted poison ivy near all courses.  It is minor, but one more reason to wear full leg coverings and to wash well when complete.  

Emergency Resource

Police: 911    
Townsend Police Department 70 Brookline St. 978-597-6214
Ashby Police Department 893 Main St. 978-386-5652
Fire: 911    
Ambulance: 911    
Park Ranger    
Willard Brook State Forest 599 W Main St, Townsend 978-597-8802
Emergency Room (25 min drive)    
UMass-Memorial, Leominster 60 Hospital Rd, Leominster 978-466-2000
Urgent Care (15 min drive)    
CareWell, Fitchburg (8AM - 8PM) 380 John Fitch Hwy, Fitchburg 617-804-6293