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New England Orienteering Championships
Orienteering USA Two-Day National Ranking Event

Wells State Park
Sturbridge, MA
October 7-8, 2023
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The New England Orienteering Club (NEOC) invites you to compete October 7th and 8th, 2023 at the New England Orienteering Championships (open) on a fully updated (2020) orienteering map of Wells State Park, Sturbridge, Massachusetts.

This is a classic distance format, two-day combined time event. Both days are National Ranking Events sanctioned by Orienteering USA.


Many volunteers are needed to ensure everything goes smoothly.  If you are able to help out, click for the sign up sheet for Saturday and/or Sunday.  


Courses & Classes

Competitive: We will offer OUSA standard courses and age classes. Winning time estimates: Blue (70-80min), Red (60-75min), Green (45-55min), Brown (40-50min), Orange (35-50min), Yellow (25-40min), White (20- 30min). The maximum time allowed on course is 3 hours. Pre registration is required for competitive courses.


Recreational: Recreational courses (W, Y, O) will be offered both days. Enter in advance, or on the day at the event.


Registration & Rates

Pre-registration through EventReg

See who is registered here.

Prices are
age 21+
age 21+
member of OUSA, COF, or IOF
age -20
age -20
member of OUSA, COF, or IOF
(Free for
NEOC members)
$45 $40 $23 $20 $8
Last Minute
9/18/23- 10/1/23
$55 $50 $28 $25 $9
On the day
(subject to map availability)
$65 $60 $33 $30 $10

* Not a member of OUSA, COF, or IOF? Did you know that OUSA membership runs for 12 calendar months from the date you join? Juniors can join for just $10, Students (24 and under) for just $20, individual adults for just $35, and families for only $45. See OUSA Membership for details.

Race Basics

  • SportIdent electronic punching will be used on all courses. SI cards may be rented through pre-registration for competitive classes, or on the day for recreation classes (fee $10/day).
  • Water will be available on intermediate and advanced courses (OBrGRBl).
  • All competitors must carry a safety whistle. Whistles will be available at the start for those in need.
  • No numbers, no packet pickup. Event information will be available on the website and via pdf, so you can print it at home if you wish.
  • Control descriptions will be printed on the maps. Loose control descriptions will be available at the start.


Awards to the top three finishers in each class. The 2023 New England Championships will revive the tradition of being an open event: titles and awards are open to all runners on competitive courses (no New England club or residency requirements). Since it is a combined time, two-day championship, award eligibility requires running the same class both days. Pre-registration is also required.  

Child Care

In lieu of organized child care, we are happy to provide those with small children or special needs appropriate start time flexibility.

Key Personnel

Event Director: Kristin Hall

Registrar: Sam Levitin

Course Setter: Jon Campbell

Vetters: Tristan Smith, Carl Underwood